Now where is the cord for this thing?
Hammer--You hit nails with this--not your thumb
Circular saw--makes a lot of noise at 3 in the morning
Framing square--don't use for a boomerang--dont work
Screwdriver--comes in handy when you want to cause a short
Pencil--what yur always looking for
Crabby the Handyman helps with home repairs
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Yea, i saw it too
Air conditioner or heat pump quit? Check the fan on the outside unit. If it aint runnin', try this....
Trouble shooting for common home air conditioner or heat pump problems
   (for bad capacitor)
If your home air conditioner is leaking water on the floor, Check the "condensate or condensation pipe" to make sure it is draining properly.
Not as much water coming out of your Shower head?
It's probably clogged with mineral deposits. Here is a

Simple way to Clean a shower head with NO TOOLS
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Home Repair and Maintenance

A site for the "Do-it-yourselfer". I can help you with home
repairs, maintenance issues, new products and other fun and
not so fun stuff. 

Don't have any tips on fixin' family members yet---but i'm open
for suggestions.

If you want to share a home repair tip or have a request, drop
me a line through the "Contact" page. 

the Handyman
Broken push button shower diverter Delta with scald guard. Step by step pictures of How to replace fix Delta tub/shower push button diverter thing
home air conditioner/heat pump not working,bad capacitor
Click image to see how a capacitor has "gone bad"
"Fix On" Webutation
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Don't want crooked folding attic stairs? Instructions and video for "How to cut the legs (or sides) on folding Attic ladder". Works on wood or aluminum ladders